Standard 10mm Faceted (Disco Ball Shaped) Millifiori (Million Flower) French Glass Bead Rosary in Silver made in Oklahoma


Stone – Millefiori Glass
Beads – 10mm Faceted (diso ball shaped to reflect light and sparkle)
Center – Miraculous Medal
Crucifix – Pardon
Length – 26 inches

Millefiori glass beads are unique and colorful beads that feature intricate patterns created by layering and fusing together multiple glass canes or rods. The term "millefiori" translates to "thousand flowers" in Italian, which aptly describes the vibrant and floral-like patterns found on these beads.

The process of creating millefiori glass beads dates back to ancient times, with origins in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and later perfected by artisans in Murano, Italy. It involves taking glass canes of different colors and arranging them into a desired pattern. The canes are then heated, stretched, and cut into small slices, revealing the intricate designs inside. These slices are then applied to molten glass, which is shaped into beads, ensuring the pattern is visible on all sides.

This heirloom quality rosary handmade in Oklahoma is made of large 10mm nonfaceted (smooth) beads accented with intricate bead caps. It is large enough to hang on the wall for display or carry. This rosary is larger than the standard rosary and easier for larger or arthritic hands to hold. Catholic 5 Decade – Lifetime repair warranty – and velveteen bag with handmade charm included.

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Beautifully well-made rosary. I would have preferred round beads (personal preference), but seller only had faceted ones. Thank you very much!

The rosaries are beautiful & excellent quality. Fast shipping was a bonus. Thank you.

Thank you so much! The Rosary is Beautiful!

Our First Communicant loves her new Rosary, so beautiful! Thank you!