Pink Striped Agate in Silver handmade in Oklahoma with Pardon Crucifix and Miraculous Medal Center


Stone – Pink Striped Agate
Beads – 10mm faceted
Center – Miraculous Medal
Crucifix – Pardon
Length - 26 inches

Pink striped agate is a type of agate gemstone characterized by its distinct pink coloration and striped patterns. What sets pink striped agate apart from other agate varieties is its unique banding pattern. The stone features alternating layers or bands of different colors and opacity. The bands can vary in width and intensity, creating a visually striking appearance. The stripes may consist of various shades of pink, ranging from pale pastel to deeper rosy tones.

The Miraculous Medal and Pardon Crucifix complete this heirloom quality rosary.  The pardon crucifix is a crucifix that incorporates promises of indulgences (remissions of temporal punishment for sins). The pardon crucifix serves as a reminder of God's mercy and the importance of seeking forgiveness for one's sins. (A handout is included with this rosary that explains the Pardon Crucifix, history and indulgences)

This beautiful handmade rosary crafted in Oklahoma is made of large 10mm nonfaceted (smooth) beads accented with intricate bead caps. This rosary is large enough to hang on the wall for display or carry. It is larger than the standard rosary and easier for larger or arthritic hands to hold. Catholic 5 Decade - Lifetime repair warranty - and velveteen bag with handmade charm included.

Agate is often associated with qualities such as stability, balance, and protection. Pink agate, in particular, is thought to promote love, compassion, and emotional healing.

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