Large Silver St. Michael Gray Lace Agate 10mm 5 Decade Bead Rosary with a Pardon Crucifix Made in Oklahoma


Stone – Gray Lace Jasper
Beads – 10mm Faceted (disco ball shaped to reflect light)
Center – St Michael
Crucifix – Pardon
Length - 26 inches

The intricate black lines of lace against the gray and white back ground of this stone make it especially interesting and beautiful. Gray lace jasper forms through a combination of various geological processes, including the deposition of mineral-rich solutions within cracks and cavities in rocks. Over time, these solutions solidify, resulting in the formation of the intricate patterns seen in gray lace jasper. This stone is found in different locations around the world, including regions in the United States, Mexico, Russia.

This "warrior rosary" is a real weapon.  A silver St. Michael center and the Pardon Crucifix complete this powerful rosary.  The Archangel Saint Michael is the leader of the heavenly army, defender against evil, and the patron saint of warriors and those in need of protection. The pardon crucifix is a crucifix that incorporates promises of indulgences (remissions of temporal punishment for sins). The pardon crucifix serves as a reminder of God's mercy and the importance of seeking forgiveness for one's sins. (A handout is included with this rosary that explains the Pardon Crucifix, history and indulgences)

This beautiful handmade rosary crafted in Oklahoma is made of large 10mm nonfaceted (smooth) beads accented with intricate bead caps. This rosary is large enough to hang on the wall for display or carry. It is larger than the standard rosary and easier for larger or arthritic hands to hold. Catholic 5 Decade - Lifetime repair warranty - and velveteen bag with handmade charm included.

Gray lace jasper is considered a stone of stability and grounding. It is believed to bring a sense of calmness and tranquility, making it useful for stress relief and emotional balance. Some people also attribute healing properties to gray lace jasper, suggesting that it can aid in physical healing, as well as promote clarity and focus in decision-making.

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Nice heavy rosary made very well. This is probably 4th or 5th purchased for husband or as gift. Extremely pleased.

it’s beautiful! made an amazing gift.