14mm Tiger eye Stone Bead Wall Rosary in Bronze made in Oklahoma


This enormous 14mm stone bead rosary accented in ornate bronze bead caps and finished with a deluxe 4 inch Crucifix will decorate and inspire any living space.

Crucifix - Bronze Bar - 4 inch
Center - Miraculouse Medal - 1 inch
Beads - 14mm or 1/2 inch across - Tigereye
Length - 35 inches (measured from the bottom of the crucifix to the back of the loop)
Weight - 11 oz.

***Lifetime repair warranty.

Reviews (4)


I love it! Perfectly made!

wonderful set, Love Tigers eye. Already on display for all to see there are some Gems in this store

This is beautifil and wow, I can't stop using it. Smooth to hold, cool to the touch and beautiful on the eyes.